Interview / Barbara Berends

To give you some side information on our products and a sneak peek into the homes and thoughts of some of the most talented creatives Atelier Naerebout knows I started interviewing them. This week I asked set designer and interior stylist Barbara Berends what she things about the AN.008 Bookend lamp.

What inspires you?
Nature, fashion and art along with bigger issues like sustainability and consumerism.

What is your connection to Atelier Naerebout? / How do you know each other?
Joren and I met through Studio Bakker with which we both have worked as freelancers. We have also collaborated on projects together, much to my enjoyment.

Is there a product in general you are really missing in your interior/ what are you still searching for?
Yes, I have forever been searching for the perfect coffee table. On no less than three occasions I have tried to integrate Atelier Naerebout’s AN.005 Coffee Table in my interior, but my sofa is just too big for the refined lines of it, much to my chagrin.

If you have one general interior tip you would like to give to our readers/viewers, what would it be?
However much I love a truly well-designed space, please allow your interior to grow and evolve and let your personality shine through. ‘Personal and peculiar’ trumps ‘picture perfect’ in my book.

What do you think of the Atelier Naerebout product photographed at your place?
I think it is a very clever design and I do love a light fixture in a bookshelf situation.

Is there another version (material, colour, dimension) of this product you would like to see?
I gladly leave these decisions in Joren’s capable hands.

Is there a product you would love Atelier Naerebout to design?
A coffee table designed specifically to go with my sofa would be much appreciated.