Interview / X + L

To give you some side information on our products and a sneak peek into the homes and thoughts of some of the most talented creatives Atelier Naerebout knows I started interviewing them. This week I asked interior and product designers X + L (Xander Vervoort and Leon van Boxtel) what they think about the latest Atelier Naerebout products.


What inspires you?
Mainly art and architecture, traveling, and anything handcrafted. Think textiles, woodworking, ceramics etc.

What is your connection to Atelier Naerebout? / How do you know each other?
We met Joren when he worked at fellow designer Stef Bakker (Studio Bakker). we share the love for seemingly simple design.

Is there a product in general you are really missing in your interior/ what are you still searching for?
We have far more stuff accumulated than we need, so it would be a better idea to get rid of things.
So probably what we search for is how to live with less clutter. 

If you have one general interior tip you would like to give to our readers/viewers, what would it be?
Live as you please, but try to surround yourself with stuff than means something to you. A ‘good’ interior represents the person that lives there, the time we live in (without being fashionable). It should fit like a glove and inspire you. We believe natural, ‘living’ materials that age well add to everyone’s wellbeing. 



What do you think of the Atelier Naerebout AN.009 Shelf photographed at your place?
It is a typical Atelier Naerebout design: ‘simple’, clean and straightforward, with an impeccable eye for detail. It combines function and aesthetics.

Is there another version (material, colour, dimension) of this product you would like to see?
There could be many variations on this theme, in size and colors too. It could organically grow into a family of related products. We leave this to Atelier Naerebout, he knows what he is doing.

Is there a product you would love Atelier Naerebout to design?
We love the experimental side of Atelier Naerebout, like the sculptural structures they made to study light. So eventually a product that may be less functional and more sculptural…?