AN.010 Wall organizer

"There is no dirt in heaven", Mother Ann, founding leader of the Shakers once said. Keeping your eating, living and working quarters was very important.
Like many (minimal) designers I am indebted to the Shaker guiding principles of simplicity, utility and honesty and therefore I decided to Shakerize (simplify) things a bit up and design the AN.010 Wall organizer. 
The 3mm thick steel strip offers versatile storage options for coat's, keychains, towels, etc. and can be placed anywhere like hallways, kitchens or bathrooms. 

Production: The Netherlands
Design: 2020 / Atelier Naerebout
Dimensions: 49cm / 90,5 cm / custom measurements up to 300cm 
Material: 3mm steel, brass, stainless steel
Finish / colours: powdercoat / stainless steel / blue steel / brass / etc. 
Photography: Atelier Naerebout
Additional: Set of torx screws and universal plugs included.
Note: Send an email to for quotes on possible colour, material, and measurement options.