(AN.007) Yves table light for FÉST

This modern desk light nods to the minimal design of classic mid-century lamps. He's as functional as ambient - a little sacral even - and offers a range of light forms: direct, soft and skimming. Hallelujah!

The first sketch of the AN.007 desk light was made in 2016 and produced in cream white, pebble grey, beige red, honey yellow and jet black. Since 2020 FEST is producing the desk light and is offering it in the colours sand and terra and a stunning 'tropicalizate' version. Available here.

Production:  FÉST Amsterdam
Design:  2016 / Atelier Naerebout
Dimensions:  12 x 22 x 15 cm
Materials:  Steel
Available colours: Sand / Terra / Tropicalizate
Photography: FÉST / Atelier Naerebout / Ksenia Nunis / ...,staat