Next to his work as an interior designer Joren Naerebout had the profound need to really make something with his hands and directly see the outcome.
In contrast to the considerable time it takes to realize a well thought out interior.
The first real ‘Naerebout’ was created in 2011. A five meters long steel rod was bent by hand in his apartment in Amsterdam and voila: The Leaning lamp and thereby Atelier Naerebout was born. The marks the rod made are still visible on the ceiling.

His work is ever so quiet and simple looking but it is the painstaking process that goes into the design of his furniture and products that is truly humbling. Tirelessly researched and perfected, Joren Naerebout’s elegant everyday functional designs become a joy of lines and materiality, a play of light and shadow.

Minimalist design is embedded in our DNA, and to ensure our products live up to the Naerebout standard we've made a list of our own design principles:

1. Desire - for a product to be worthy of the effort and resources required to design and produce it, it has to be something that people want or need.

2. Inspiration - our inspiration comes from our nearby surroundings.
Designs for city living and apartment life should be compact and efficient.

3. Freedom - our products should do their work in the background.
They should allow space for the user's self-expression.

4. Simplicity - the true beauty of our products unfolds in a simple line or surface: what light does to it, the tactility of a material or a well chosen colour.

5. Sensory - in this world our senses are constantly challenged.
Our products should relax those senses with a focus on visual and tactile simplicity and tranquility.

6. Sustainable - we use materials and finishes which have proven to be versatile, robust and sustainable. Due to our minimal use of materials they are easy to repair.

7. Usability - minimalist design is not only important for its visual simplicity, but for its ease of use. Our products should be self-explanatory.

8. Handcrafted - all our products are made by local craftsmen. Personal and frequent contact with the maker is key in the process. It also reduces transportation pollution where possible.

9. Modesty - we create modest products. Modest in size, form and materiality. It is no secret that we are big admirers of the Dutch, calvinistic modern-vintage period.

10. Longevity - spending considerable time perfecting our products ensures longevity and relevancy. We do not subscribe to seasonable themes and fast fashion.