AN.001 Leaning lamp
AN.001 Leaning lamp
AN.001 Leaning lamp
AN.001 Leaning lamp

AN.001 Leaning lamp

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This leaning lamp is a handcrafted lighting fixture made by local craftsmen. The steel frame is designed to elevate and ‘embrace’ the frosted bulb and guide the wire.

“This is a frame design that carefully considers the aesthetic impact of the wire, which results in the wire appearing as a seamless extension or continuation of the frame itself” – Minimalissimo   

Production: The Netherlands
Design: 2011 / Atelier Naerebout
Dimensions: 160 x 25 x 25 cm
Material: steel
Finish / colours: blackened steel
Photography: Atelier Naerebout / Thomas Vørding
Light source e.a.: Comes with dimmable E14 LED source and type F plug 
Disclaimer: Many versions of the leaning lamp have been made the last couple of years. I still love the first version, the version with the lighting bulb hanging freely in the frame the most. It is the cleanest. To my knowledge no accidents with the bulb sliding of the frame have happened but some caution is advised.